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Buyers and Multiple Offers

Sometimes you have to loose the one you love

Compliments of Wayne Pasco, guest blogger

March 16, 2010

With several homes selling in “Multiple offers”, buyers just starting out, may loose the first few homes that they offer on. But don’t despair, it's just an “unfortunate” part of the learning curve in the house hunting process.

Many times, these home shoppers need to see for themselves, just how hot certain segments of the market are and multiple offers will demonstrate this. The key is to avoid continued disappointment and this can be done by both the buyer and their realtor (mutually) developing a high level of comfort, communication and trust with each other...sooner rather than later. Remember, this really is a team effort.

After loosing a couple of homes as a result of multiple offers, most buyers will becomes aware of what is required to “win the bid”.

Buyers “looking for a deal” in a hot market that have already lost a few in the process…that’s a tough one.