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Edmonds Clean Sweep

Edmonds Clean Sweep
You know the saying “It’s all in what you make it.”  Well this past Saturday, May 2 was a perfect
example of why this is so true.

A couple weeks earlier, on Twitter, I received a tweet that there was an Edmonds Community Clean Up happening and I thought to myself - Good cause, I’m in! 

So, I woke up on Saturday morning and after finishing my regular morning activities, I stepped out the door and was on my way to meet up with a group of people to help clean. What did we all have in common - We are all on Twitter.  Of the group, prior to meeting up I only had met 1 person face to face.

Our Group Organizer, Peter Kefalas(Ethos Dev) developer of the Bella at Edmonds/Canada Way in Burnaby, through tweeting on Twitter, had asked for support by contributing our time to this event.

The event was a real success and our group of 30 or more, which looked to be about 1/3 of the volunteers left Edmonds Community with 30 bags less of garbage on their streets and other surroundings.

Who would have known picking up garbage would bring on so much fun and the opportunity to meet so many nice people.

Thanks Peter for bringing such a positive and fun group of people together.

“It’s all in what you make it.”