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Vancouver Real Estate Market Right Now

Vancouver Real Estate Market Right Now


With the continued favorable low interest rates – as low as 3.29% for 5 years, many buyers are still out looking for that perfect place to call home. 


Coming as a real surprise to many is that the market is currently outperforming number of homes sold week after week to the point now that some neighborhoods are facing a shortage of listings in various price ranges.  


Right now a listing on the market that is priced sharp and showing its best will get activity and maybe not one but multiple offers. I heard this week their was a listing in the Westside with over a dozen offers to be presented on it at the same time.


Although it continues to be a buyer’s market for you sellers that need to sell this year the opportunity for you to do so is right now exists.


So, if you are looking for the help of a realtor that is touch with today’s market whether you are thinking about buying or selling, or just have questions, you can reach me at 604-992-7657 or email me at