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Selling Bonus Offered by Sellers to Buyer Agents

Selling Bonus - Yes or No???


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I have been asked a couple times in the past month, by both a Seller and Realtor, whether or not I agreed with Sellers offering a Selling Bonus to Buyer Agents so I thought I would get my feelings out there on this today.


Do I think that a Selling Bonus is money well spent by the Seller?  My answer is no.  Why?  I feel that rather than a Seller offering a Selling bonus, reducing the price of your property would be a much better option for spending your money.  When a Seller reduces the price of the property it is an offer made to every potential Buyer out there, and since that is who is eventually going to buy your home why wouldn’t you want to make the price of your home more attractive to any potential Buyers out there and not just Buyer Agents, that would see the bonus, and then possibly show your property.


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